Dashboard Texas update

Dashboard Update 3.0


For those of you that haven’t noticed, we updated the dashboard!

On top of hotspots, trends, hospitalization rates, testing rates, fatalities, and case demographics, we now have added….

Hot spots based on test positive rate (TPR) AND new cases per day. The combination of these two metrics are being used to drive school-, county-, and state- level policy (we hope). Essentially, you want a county to be in the green for BOTH. If a county is in the red for either, we are in trouble in regards to COVID19 spread.

We also included mobility data per county. Using mobile phone data, we can see how movement to work, parks, grocery stores, and to non-essential stores have changed over time. And, as always, we include interpretations in there for you too.


Love, YLE

Dashboard Predictions

Dashboard 2.0

For my fellow Texans….Version 2.0 of our dashboard is LIVE!!

We’ve added a lot…
-You can now sort by Public Health Region (for our fellow public health responders)
-We have added a whole new tab on hospitalizations and ICU capacity, updated in real time
-We have added a new tab on demographics for cases and deaths
-We’ve added daily and cumulative deaths and cases
-You can now COMPARE across counties, TSAs or PHRs (on the critical trends tab)
-And, of course, we have added interpretations for everything.

It is an absolute honor to work with this group. They are the best of the best.


Dashboard Texas update

Dashboard 1.0

For the past 2 months, my colleagues and I have been up at all hours of the night working on a dashboard for our Texans. It paid off because it is finally LIVE!!!

I know we all have a billion dashboards to go to, but this is the best. Why?
– We include data for all 254 counties in one place. I think this is especially important for our smaller, rural counties in which access to information has been more difficult
-You can filter by TSA region and metroplex AND control for population. Something that is very much missing in a lot of dashboards.
-We include interpretations for the graphs. This dashboard was not made for scientists. It was made with our community members in mind and hope the interpretations are as clear as possible. If not, please let me know!
-We have no political gain from this. We are just a bunch of overworked, data geeks at a University with no conflicts of interest. We just want to help keep this COVID19 pandemic as transparent as possible. And, quite frankly, we have a lot of fun doing it.
-PhD students help with all of the analyses and data cleaning. We are training the next generation to better disseminate scientific and data-driven information.

I will continue to post on here, but feel free to roam around our site with your morning coffee. Access to this site is best by computer and tablet. We are still formatting for phones.

Also, we continue to work on this. We are adding mobile data information, hospital data, symptom tracking information, and much more in the next few dashboard phases.


Love, your local epidemiologist