YLE FACEBOOK and IG has been attacked in a coordinated effort, which resulted in a successful hack. I am working on it with FB. Please do not share or click on anything that’s shared for now.

Love, YLE

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I tried to respond to a spam post with a commend that your page had been hacked and I’m pretty sure they blocked me in response. I hope you get it back soon! I’ve really been relying on your posts for the clearly written explanations.

I’m really sorry about your FB experience. Several months ago I was banned from FB without the ability to request a review and still have not received the file of “my information” that they say is due me. A review was only available to someone who logged in (go figure, I couldn’t), and the file spins and spins for hours “being created”. Kudos that you have someone inside, but something is very not right that even that will not guarantee you access to your 11 months of work, not to mention those of us who know no one who works inside. There is no place to contact FB except within their website for someone who is a member. Most of my FB friends I am unable to contact now because I had no other contact info other than their FB messenger. It’s a company with some pretty evil business practices.

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