Hospitalizations Texas update


COVID19 hospitalizations and hospital capacity across Texas. Updated my graphs from a few days ago. These are confirmed COVID19 hospitalizations (not presumed).

There are some regions that are doing great! But others not so much. I would still be worried about RGV, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

With the opening surge units, hospitals are doing a fantastic job of keeping bed capacity around 80%. This is just in terms of # of beds. We don’t have data about staffing.

Many (I mean many) of you had the great suggestion of adding hospitalization data to our dashboard. And we are…to an extent. Hospitals are keeping their data very close to their chests. And I would too. They have been operating in the red zone for the past 3 months. I was on a call last week in which one hospital system said they are losing $500 million per DAY. People are avoiding hospitals so they aren’t exposed to COVID19. However, some NEED to be going to the hospital and are not. This will have grave consequences on their overall health (and financial implications for hospital systems).

Love, your local epidemiologist

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