Texas update

Texas Update

Here is an update for my Texans. Haven’t done one in the while.

How’s it looking? Well……..not good. In fact, four out of the five NATIONAL hot spots are located within the great state of Texas.

Here are the overall state numbers (see Figures for regions):
New daily case rate (we need this below 9 to control spread): 23 daily cases per 100,000
Test Positive Rate (we want this well below 10%): Over 15%
Deaths: 32 cumulative deaths per 100,000
Case Fatality Rate (CFR): 3.17%
R(t) (we want below 1.0): 0.90, which means new cases should start decreasing at a faster rate. But in order for this to happen, we need to be testing much, much more too. We will see where this takes us.

I don’t even know what to say other than… It’s really exhausting to be an epidemiologist in Texas.

We need to get it together faster. We know what to do.

For more numbers and data, go to our dashboard at:

Love, your local epidemiologist

Data Source: DSHS, analysis and tables by me.
CFR=22-day lag; New daily cases= 7-day moving average; TPR= 7 day lag (if you know you know)

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