The show must go on…

As many of you already know, last Thursday there was a highly coordinated attack on my personal and professional social media accounts, which resulted in a successful hack (yes, I had two-step authorization and yes, my passwords were complex). 

Helplessly watching a group take away 11 months of my hard earned blood, sweat, and tears has been one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life. That is/was a page I started from scratch, which I grew into a following of more than 160,000 people in 11 months with over 500 posts of evidence-based, data driven information. These posts were shared by Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, scientists and layman, families and neighbors. They infiltrated echo chambers. They became a place of scientific debate and transparency. All of which are greatly missing from social media and something I’m incredibly proud of building. Also, many of those followers became my friends and highly respected colleagues. But, now, all I can do is watch it slowly burn. 

If I’ve learned one thing from this experience, it’s the fact that we all rent space from social media without any tenant rights or control. I still don’t have any access to my social media accounts. I don’t know if (or when) I’ll ever get access again. I have received zero communication. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend working at FB headquarters, I would be completely blind. 

But it’s time to pull myself together and get back in the game. So, I’m starting this newsletter. If you found my previous posts useful at all, consider signing up here.

Instead of a FB post or IG post, you will receive an email when I post something new. You won’t get advertisements, FB won’t be collecting any of your data, and it will still be easily accessible to you (something science should always be).

NOTE: If you were already receiving emails from me, you need to sign up again. I think (and hope) that this new site will be more user friendly and, like I said before, you won’t have advertisements stuck to my emails anymore.

Time to rebuild this thing. Here we go.

Love, YLE

PS Thank you to my husband for handing me this mug filled with coffee this morning, ultimately refueling my fire.

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So sorry you were hacked. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m retired RN wanting to keep informed and share with family and community. Grateful for the scientific truth.
Kathy S

I am heartbroken for you but not surprised you are ready to kick ass. Thank you for being a light of truth in my life. I’m so grateful.

For safety’s sake, I’ve disconnected from both your IG and FB accounts and signed up for your newsletter. Keep us posted, and good luck with the insanity.

YLE: Stay strong. Stay focused. Don’t let the turkeys bring you down.

Your sister scientists stand in solidarity with you!

None of us are abandoning you. We’ll be here waiting or we’ll go to your new page. ❤️ Thank you for being so brave and standing up for science. I know it’s not always easy to be strong.

Thank you for all your amazing and much needed work!! Haters are gonna hate! We are here, anxiously waiting for more reliable info!

I am an admin for covid-19 Vaccine trial Participants and Recipients Worldwide.

I am also a Cyber Security Engineer and I am in charge of our groups security. I have called a contact I know who has contacts in Facebook. I want to help you since we are sister groups. I believe your work is important and I want to lend a hand since it’s my job to stop hackers.

I’m in Australia and love your posts, please keep your head high. You were a threat to those who wish to cause rumour and lies. I hope Facebook gives your content back.

Thank you for foraging ahead. Question, do we have permission to repost your amazing fact based emails? I have shared many of your posts targeting family and friends that perhaps have been snookered by unfacts.. and your posts have helped them move forward with information. I’m so sorry this happened to you

Dear YLE,
I am so sorry that you are experiencing this awful event, I hope that the truth will win and we will get you back soon. I can not express enough my appreciation to your work.
In a meantime, I am subscribing and sharing your letter with my friends.
With love,
Your local neighbor,

This exact thing happened to my friend, Denise Medany who is an author on relationships, wrote a book on dating a widower, One Heart Too Many. She was hacked despite having what should have been good passwords, and she lost all her facebook accounts, both personal and book related, for months and months with no response from facebook. Obcene photos were posted, the hacker made a profile picture that was a sick caricature of her, a puppet. Nasty comments were posted as if it were her her, lampooning her philosophy in her book which simply is to not let a man walk all over you and have boundaries. Could be mean girls from a competing group, a gilted man who was left because of the book or another author group with a book on the subject but a different approach. No one knows. It disheartened her to not only lose her book page and group but also her personal facebook with friends and family collected over yeats. She was reported as a terrorist etc. possibly because of the crazy photos and comments posting. She only got her accounts back with pressure from lawyers. She has not quite returned to facebook, she was burned. But she did finally get most if not all of it back. She ventured on to MeWe (I am there too) but it does not have the reach that facebook has. It is a real shame that this happens and took so long to resolve. If not for her experience, my paranoia that some entity wants us dead, (the persistent spreading of misinformation about vaccines and masks) would be higher.

Keep fighting the good fight!!

All the love to our scientific bad-asses leading the charge against misinformation, cons, and conspiracies. Take the time to rest, repair, and re-charge, knowing we’ve got your back. You’re not alone.

So sorry to hear about your hack. I’ve bookmarked this site so that I can come back to it and read your stuff! Thank you for the work you do!

So sorry this happened to you, Dr. Jetelina… I hope your friend can help you reclaim your account.
I also hope you realize how helpful all your posts have been to those of us who are trying to inform ourselves while staying safe. Keep on fighting!

Thank you so much for helping to shed much needed light over the course of the last year. I’m so very sorry this has happened. While the written posts are now obsolete, I truly believe your education has helped people to make decisions that save lives. The posts may be lost, yet lives have been saved. Bless you.

Please, let us all know if there is ANYTHING we can do to grease the wheels… ANY way we can use our collective voices to “encourage” FB to fix this?

This smacks of interference orchestrated offshore. Who else would try to take down an epidemiologist of all people. If so, then it seems this is a bigger issue nation security wise, if they can waltz in like this. Perhaps that’s what’s taking so long? This may be happening to any number of pages, and they are investigating? Who knows!

Be encouraged.. we are all so concerned, angry, and wanting to help any way we can!

With you. Have learned so much from you and appreciate your commitment and dedication to educating us and keeping us informed.

I just recently found your page and it filled me with hope that there were voices of science and faith trying to stem the tide of misinformation. I am so sorry that you are going through this but keep up the good work and we have your back.

I’m hopeful that I will get the page back (one day). But I also understand that you don’t want to see random woodworking videos. If you sign up for my free newsletter, I will definitely let you know if (and when) I will be back up on Facebook.

I’m so sorry about what happened to you and your work. Thank you for doing the work to combat misinformation and disinformation. If your work was not important, they would not have attacked it.

Thanks for the update! I’ve been worried. Will be sharing your updates on social media to keep the public informed. I hope you’re able to get your accounts and presence back out there!

So sorry this happened to you. There’s definitely evil in this world, but there is good, too. You’ve been the GOOD for me! I enjoyed your posts; they were so helpful, especially for someone on the fence with vaccinations. I’ll be sure to sign up for your newsletters!

I’m so sorry this happened to you 🙁 I know it’s just an opinion, but if you want to start over, maybe try tiktok? I know it’s still social media, but you’ll reach a larger crowd and people are always creating new tiktoks so it’s not strange to see someone open a new account for different content or just because.

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